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The device is designed on the basis of DIAMETER software/hardware platform
New Standard of Industrial Metering Devices

BINOM337 is a Feeder Bay Controller with Functions of Measuring Transducer, High-accuracy Revenue Meter and Power Quality Analyzer, Waveform Recorder, Fault Recorder and Collection Controller with Digital Inputs and Relay Outputs.


BINOM337 is a certified multifunction device that can be used as an independent bay controller as well as a component of Utility Metering Information and Measurement Systems, Power Quality Monitoring and Control Systems, Information Acquisition and Transmission Systems, Process Control Systems (PCS) at the power substations of all voltage ratings, power stations, power utilities of the manufacturing facilities, and power supply services of public transport.


At, online access is available to model BINOM337U3.220I3.5S16T2 of the meter installed at the 0.4 kV power switchboard input lines of our company’s development department. By registering on this site, you can access built-in Web-server of the meter and review its features.

все типы приборов
BINOM337/337s, BINOM338/338s, BINOM339/339i
BINOM337/337s, BINOM338/338s
Basic Functions
  • High-accuracy measurement of the instantaneous values ​​of electrical parameters with the sample period of 31.25 μs, high-speed computation of the derived parameters and RMS values within the preset time intervals of 10 ms and 200 ms. This meter is a measuring instrument in compliance with IEC 62052-11:2003.
  • Active energy metering with accuracy class 0,2 according to IEC 62053-22:2003. Reactive energy metering with accuracy class 0.5 according to methods of IEC 62053-22:2003, energy loss metering. Time of Use metering in 4 tariff rates, outside tariff rates and also in summary form.
  • Power quality metering with class A according to IEC 61000-4-7:2009, class I according to IEC 61000-4-30:2008.
  • Data archiving on the built-in MicroSD memory card or FTP-store.
  • Ready-for-Use statistic report (Power Test Report).
  • Measurement and diagnostic data are presented on the built-in Web-server in the form of tables, graphs, histograms, and logs.
  • Support of the PPP connection (TCP/IP) over IEC 60870-5-101 protocol via RS-485 interface backbone to access all device data without interrupting data transmission over the communication channel.
  • Local and remote Web-configuration.
  • Waveform real-time recording of normal condition parameters, transient processes and faults, power quality violations.
  • Recording digital signals on the status of equipment. (BINOM337/337s, BINOM338/338s).
  • Local and remote control of equipment. (BINOM337, BINOM338).
Technical specifications
Information capacity More than 2,300 of the three-phase network parameters
Timing accuracy < 1 μs
Communication ports Ethernet, 100 Mb/s,
IEC 60870-5-104,
Modbus TCP;
RS-485/SYNC, 460.8 kb/s,
IEC 60870-5-101,
optical communication port, 115.2 kb/s,
RS-485/422, 460.8 kb/s,
IEC 60870-5-101,
(BINOM337/337s, BINOM339i)
RS-232, 460.8 kb/s,
IEC 60870-5-101, Modbus RTU;
(BINOM337/337s, BINOM339i)
Rated current 1A, 5A
Rated voltage 57.7/100В, 220/380 V
Digital inputs sampling rate cycle: 100 μs;
rated voltage 24 V, external and internal power (standby built-in battery);
input protection:
Discreteness of adjustment of debounce filter: 100 μs,
filter with adjustable number of responses per second;
Relay outputs external two-, three- and four-channel relay unit, single-stage and two-stage teleswitching conditions;
Switching AC/DC voltage:
0.5 ... 250 V;
Switching AC:
0.05 ... 5 А;
Switching DC:
24 V: 0.05 ... 8 А,
220 V: 0.05 ... 5 А (Using solid-state relay);
Teleswitching hardware blocking;
Waveform recording sampling frequency: 32 kHz (640 points over the period of the fundamental frequency of 50 Hz);
historical data: up to 60 seconds
waveform (oscillogram) duration:
up to 120 seconds;
positional accuracy of readouts to UTC: 1 μs
Power supply Main supply:
~ 90–265 V, class ACx;
= 125–350 V, class DCx.
Standby supply:
=125-350 V, class DCx.
Built-in autonomous power source:30 min.
Security from unauthorized access Numeric passwords, mechanical seal application, a hologram, an electronic tampering sensor for the terminal cover
Temperature range
Recalibration interval 12 years
Mean life 30 years
Mean time between failures No less 1500 h